2D Storage Tubes


products are manufactured in a clean,controlled"state of
the art"facility and certified RNase and DNase-free.

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2D Storage Tubes

2D Storage Tubes

offers various types of 2D Storage Tubes that can meet a wide variety of customer’s demands that cover a daily sample collection, container to the compound library which serves as a basis of the Bio-bank and drug discovery research which carry out freeze preservation and the research of the gene information from daily sample extraction work.

  • Full range of 2D Storage Jacket Tubes are available, combining the feature for your needs in accessing visual inspection from printed labels or hand written information as well as automatic reading of 2D codes.
  • 2D-coded tubes are available with a choice of materials from plastic (Polypropylene) and hardened glass (borosilicate glass).
  • 2D-coded tubes are offered from micro volume to large volume to respond to a variety of sample storages which are the important elements of a laboratory information management system (LIMS).
  • Our AirFilm aluminum film is optimum sealing method for long-term storages.
  • This revolutionary AirFilm is designed for the individual sealing evading the conducting of the heat into tubes when heat is transferred.
  • You can use in the following applications.
    ・The drug discovery, Compound library / the genetic-research, Bio-bank
    ・Agricultural research, Seed bank / Bio-science, Sample storage

48 Jacket Tubes 2.0ml Intemal Jacket Type

  • Jacket Tubes consists of a jacket cover incorporating 2D code and an inner tube (or glass tube), which saves a sample combined.
  • 2D barcode is laser-etched on the bottom of the jacket accompanied by a corresponding linear barcode and human readable number positioned on the side.
    You can retrieve information without tipping the sample inside of the tube from the 2D code at the bottom and linear bar code on the side of the tube.
    When handling a storage tube by hand, for example, you can check the numbers on the side face without using a reader, because the information code is etched human readable also. It is easy to check information content from PC only by inputting an integer number etc. into PC. 2D Storage Tubes
    tube bottom 2D: Data Matrix ECC200, 2 digits of alphabet and 8 digit numbers
    Linear 1D: CODE128 (bar code) + 2 digits of alphabet and 8 digit numbers
    Rack 1D: CODE128 10 digit numbers
    2D Code Barcode Discrimination Data Matrix ECC 200
  • 2D Storage Tubes

    Since the sample in an inner tube can be viewed from the jacket window neither observation nor dispensing work is interrupted .

  • The choice for inner tube material (i.e., glass or polypropylene), the choice of volume, the choice of what code to put on the jacket cover
    (I.e., handwriting, ink jet or laser etching), It can be used as a multifunctional container with various combinations possible.
  • Can be custom made with arbitrary symbol, letter, number on the side of the tube
  • Good Design

    The Jacket tube, developed by our company, was selected for the "Good Design Hyogo 2012" award and won the "Universal Design Prize".

    Good design Hyogo Japan
    Universal design prize Award

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