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products are manufactured in a clean,controlled"state of
the art"facility and certified RNase and DNase-free.

Air Film・Video


Air Film Video

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Air Film PAT.

Air Film PAT.
SLAS New Product Award Winners in 2012 SLAS.
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  • One sheet of Air Film can individually seal each tube or well.
  • APut Air Film on the tube in a tube rack, and just carry out sealing.
  • Since each tube is sealed independently, an impacting sample can be taken out without impacting to other
  • Emboss processing has been performed to Air Film and that gives an air layer to block the heat between the sealer and a tube, and reduce the heat conduction to a sample.
  • It shows high heat-sealing intensity and demonstrates the outstanding barrier nature to PP tube (product made from polypropylene).
  • By using "Air Film plus", you can lay over and reseal the place pierced once.
How to use Air Film

Air Film 96 Aluminum sheet cap

Product code Specification Packing/th> Price
AL96-8R Round 50sheets Please contact us.
AL96-8T Tab 50sheets Please contact us.

FC-XSEAL-HeatSealer Air Film recommended heat sealer

Air Film recommended heat sealer
  • Temperature setting and operating time can be set up easily, and sealing remains constant
  • Set the tube rack in the drawer where the sheet cap is loaded, and just push it in.
  • Temperature range: +120℃-200℃ (by 1℃ unit) Time setting: 0.0-10.0 second (by 0.5 second unit)
  • Go up to preset temperature quickly.
  • Standby mode / Automatic power supply off-mode
  • Weight : 9kg
  • Power supply : 110V/230V
  • Power consumption : 300W
  • An assay plate and deepwell plate can also be used.

FC-XSEAL-HeatSealer Air Film recommended heat sealer

Product code Specification Price
FC-XSEAL-HEATSEALER Main unit Power code Manual Quick guide Height adjustment plate Copperplate Please contact us.