PDA System

Solution/Serviceds Available

Bar-Code Reader loading PDA System

1D bar code / 2D code reader loading PDA system can support with the reliable measurement management of an individual-numbers unit to the plant investigation system!

Systematization of agricultural research

PDA System

  1. Further Construction system with our 2D coded storage tubes.
  2. Convenient not only for a measurement but a data library & DNA storage control required for the new plant research.
  3. Implement of rigorous growth control & simplified measurement for not only rice but variety of plants.
  4. Data portalization with PDA by Blue tooth function followed by replacement of various measuring equipment (electronic vernier calipers etc.) with electronic instrumentation.
  5. Reduce the number of mistakes from manual data entry or mismanagement by data automatic transfer.
  6. Data instrumentation by a small number of people, prompt management.
  7. Creation of a customized system can be done by upgrading the system